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Training Solutions

Online Flexible

The online Flexible courses is designed for 2 categories of candidates as follows: 

  1. The first category is Corporate Candidates. These are entry level and working class professionals already working but seeking to get a better insight in their career path of interest. They can register directly for any course of interest with or without first taking a Basic overview course.
  2. The second category is for Fresh graduates, unemployed or under employed individuals that seek to take the In-company structured NUGETTS training, for which Basic overview courses are a prerequisite and shall be taken as a Preamble.  Their training is the In-company Structured Training a.k.a. TAP Training. 

Preamble comprises of a list of Basic overview courses in page 18 of this brochure. It is after this preamble that you are eligible to register for TAP Training. To make this training more accessible for persons of all income levels, 80% of trainees will be trained on Bond. The basic condition of this Training bond is that after training you, you will use a 21 months internship work period to repay the company on time banking basis. However if you get a job outside this program or our organization, you are free to go and will not be bound by any cash repayment


In-Company Structured  

The In-house Structured training is delivered as a set of short courses grouped under 7 Engineering and Science departments. It is designed to accommodate all STEM Graduates that do not yet have any work experience but seek to gain some practical work experience from a mentored learning program.  These graduates are grouped under various related engineering and science departments or disciplines. Non Engineering graduates from various Science and technology departments are expected to register under the Engineering discipline closest to the course they studied in the tertiary institution.   

These short courses are structured to satisfy the In-house manpower development needs of Bullion Offshore Group. 

Workforce Development programs are designed to develop effective, competent technical professionals for our business operations within the shortest possible time. This is achieved by leveraging on the deep industry experience of our company leadership and tutors to produce a training program that caters for the types of tasks, operational challenges and business needs of our organization or other companies that send candidates and delegates to take individual courses.  These courses combine theory and practical work taught in a mentored and guided process.


Online Structured

The same courses that are offered as In-company Structured courses which are grouped into a structured program under specific departments is also offered individually as single courses. These single courses have a delivery schedule that is synchronized with the timing for those courses in the In-company structured candidates.  However the practical and site visit part of it will come as a virtual tour.

Online Structured courses are designed for professionals looking to upscale or transit into a career in any area of Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Marine services and Agro Allied Industries.  In a unique mentored learning approach, you will be guided by industry experts from the Oil and Marine sector.  Individual working class and corporate candidates are eligible for this solution.


In-house training

In-house training is a training solution offered by taking a course or a set of courses to the client’s location. It is reserved for Corporate clients. This approach saves your organization the trouble of waiting for the scheduled training dates of these courses in the training calendar. You enjoy the advantage of receiving the courses in the comfort of your company as well as flexibility in delivery. In-house training schedule does not follow the training calendar. The Pricing of the courses is set for Corporate clients, but discounts can be considered depending on the number of candidates you want to register. 

Contact us today to discuss your in-company training needs and for specific terms applicable to your location.


NUGETTS prospectus

Download pdf: NUGETTS prospectus_2022