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Client Markets

Oil Exploration & Production Companies

We have a niche technology solutions for Oil Exploration and production companies operating at offshore Oil and Gas production locations, built on our past project experiences and track record.

We focus on Offshore Platforms and Floating Structures brownfield Engineering, maintenance and Upgrades. We also carry out Subsea pipelines & Subsea tieback of stranded oil reserves, to produce through existing offshore production facilities. This involves EPCI for subsea production systems, subsea pipelines as well as modification of Topsides Production, Water injection facilities, Umbilical and risers.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel. It is a key enabler in the energy transition for the reduction of carbon emission by gradually replacing diesel and Coal in energy intensive industries such as Steel, Cement and Petrochemicals. Rapid increase of population and living standards in developing countries will increase the demand for natural gas. Developed nations will continue to grow the demand for natural gas for both industrial feed stock and power. In order to sustain the reliability of power supply in developed nations, gas will continue to supplement the intermittent availability of wind and solar energy, ensuring stable power supply during peak demand periods.

We leverage on our exceptional capabilities in Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation in executing gas projects covering the entire natural gas value chain.

We have past project experiences in the development of natural gas fields, to gas treatment and processing plants, gas pipelines, compression stations.

We have the technical knowhow for projects in Small scale LNG facilities, covering liquefaction to LNG loading and unloading systems, storage tanks and regasification facilities developed on marine terminals. Our Engineering teams has developed a Basic design of Small Scale FLNG with the objective to exploit small offshore gas reserves and make such gas fields commercially viable to Oil and Gas producing companies. Other uses of the small scale FLNG is targeted at Flare gas and Re-injected gas commercialization from offshore oilfields.

Crude Oil Refinery & Petrochemical Plants

Bullion Offshore has executed conceptual and FEED works in Modular oil refinery projects. Run by a team of Engineers with previous experience in refinery projects executed in India and some Middle East Countries, our Engineering and project teams work culture is driven by continuous innovation.

We have the capability to execute refinery and Petrochemical plant projects cutting across the full value chain from Feasibility study, Conceptual design, FEED, Detail Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, Commissioning and start up, Operations support, Training, Maintenance works. We also support your through the asset life by expansion, life extension, Turn around maintenance Projects in the future of your plant.

Public Infrastructure

There is an ever increasing demand for more efficient and modern public infrastructure both in developed and developing nations. We are well positioned to provide Engineering, Procurement and construction services to Governments and Private corporations in execution of infrastructure projects cutting across Power plants, Power transmission assets, Roads, Rail, Bridges, Airports, and Seaports. New build, expansions, upgrade and maintenance works is covered in the scope of works that we are able to execute.

Water & Wastewater

We have the capability to serve the market needs cutting across the full range of services for the water cycle: Public waterworks, Water desalination, sewage, wastewater recycling and reuse, rain harvesting, Dams and Irrigation Systems.

Leveraging on our team of highly experienced Engineers that have worked on all categories of water projects, we are positioned to offer EPC solutions as well as operations and maintenance works.

Our business expansion strategy for Water and waste water is to look for opportunities globally for concessions on Build Own Operate and Maintain (BOOM) business model. This service will come with the complete project life cycle starting from feasibility studies, financing, Project delivery with the BOOM business model.

Higher Educational Facilities

We have the capabilities to build optimal learning environments in educational institutions in the countries that we operate, delivering quality projects within budget. From Polytechnics, universities and technically sophisticated research facilities, our education portfolio highlights facilities that help students and teachers thrive. If you’re working to optimize the learning environments of your institution, and seek to implement strategies that can boost your enrollments, or increase digital accessibility for long-term enhanced growth, then we are your best choice for cost effective and high quality construction service delivery. We are the best in-country for precast buildings and moderate cost building solutions. We give value added service by adding integrated solar, gas and Power solutions to the buildings.

Our focus in Higher Educational facilities is on:

  1. Engineering Workshops & Laboratories
  2. Hostels (High rise, Precast)
  3. Lecture Halls & Class Rooms (High rise, precast)
  4. Administrative and office buildings (High rise, precast)

Commercial & Residential Buildings

We always support our clients in growing and evolving. We have the capability to transform city skylines and built world-class corporate headquarters for our high end clients. Every step of the way, we work hand in hand with our clients to help them succeed.

We are known for being able to adapt to increasingly demanding client requirements. We have the mastery to handle challenges: of unique architecture, technical complexity, very high logistic requirements, top performance and extremely tight construction deadlines. We give value added service by adding integrated solar, gas and Power solutions to the buildings. We put in world class Engineering design in 3D, Cost estimation and planning models. Some of the commercial facilities that we can design and construct includes

  1. High rise Office buildings
  2. Hotels
  3. High rise residential buildings
  4. Shopping malls
  5. Airports
  6. Banks
  7. Hospitals
  8. Warehouses & operational bases