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Subsea Manifolds & Tieback

In view of fluctuating oil prices and potentially high cost of deepwater development, we are best positioned to render bespoke and low cost solutions in the Subsea Tieback market segment, where flow assurance challenges impact on investment plans and projects.

Our Field development focus is on providing the client with innovative solutions for Offshore marginal field development in both shallow and deep water fields. Development of stranded offshore reserves, development of heavy and difficult offshore hydrocarbon reserves previously considered uneconomical, infill wells development, then Tie back of same to existing or main production facilities, regardless of step out distance.

Our innovations focus more on low cost, efficient Subsea manifold systems that can function as a plug in for other OEM equipment. These manifolds are installed on suction piles and have feautures such as spare slot for future tie in of new wells drilled far from host facility, heating of oil by electric heating and booster pumps especially for high viscosity oil flowing at low pressure.

With our deep experience and understanding of flow assurance we are able to overcome challenges associated with long step out distances, low seabed temperature, heavy oils, high Gas-Oil ratio, etc.

Other Offshore and Subsea Foundation related structures which we have the expertise to make include (but not limited to):
Mud mat for SUTA and SDU
Caisson for seaports