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Pipeline Services

Onshore pipeline construction: 

We are able to carry out on-shore pipeline and flow line construction on challenging terrain spanning across stable ground and swamp locations. Our pipeline construction is done for all categories of services from Oil & Gas, Water & Waste water, Hazardous fluids, etc. We also construct with a variety of materials as per fluid service.

Offshore Pipeline Construction

Our major Offshore Pipeline and Flow line construction solution centers around Subsea pipeline Route survey, Alignment sheets, Trenching, burial and Backfill, hot taps and tie-ins.                                                                                                                                                       We are able to carry out the installation of hot-tap tees that will enable the operator to seamlessly tie-in pipelines lines from marginal fields. 

Pipeline Services

Bullion Offshore pipeline services capabilities cuts across the design and installation and maintenance of a full complement of pipeline related facilities including: 

  • Compressor stations
  • Customary transfer metering stations
  • Integrity monitoring systems
  • Leak detection systems
  • Mainline value stations
  • Pigging facilities, slug catchers and flare pits
  • Pressure control and pressure reduction stations
  • Product terminals
  • Pump stations
  • River, road, rail, beach and pipeline crossings
  • SCADA systems, communications and control facilities
  • Shore approaches
  • Emergency Pipeline Repair Solutions such as:
    • Pipeline Sectional replacement on corroded pipelines on land, swamp, and offshore locations.
    • Pipeline Protection Works such as Concrete encasement and offshore pipeline mattresses.
    • Pipe clamping

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