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Engineering Design

Design Outsourcing

Setting up and maintaining an Engineering design department in your organization can be a mission impossible and where you manage to set up a design team, it may prove difficult to sustain the cost and to keep the highly skilled personnel among them.
We hold the solution to such problems. Our Engineering design department is staffed with the best and highly experienced personnel. We retain whatever capability you may need in an Engineering team. Our Engineering team is very mobile. We are able to execute your design tasks and even go with you to defend your technical problems and challenges.
We are perfectly set up for handling the outsourcing of large chunks of design tasks that will be seamlessly delivered at a fraction of the cost of executing same with a team of full time staff Design personnel.

Manpower Contracts

Drawn from both our Engineering teams and External experienced hire, we can provide man power supply services to companies operating mostly in the Oil and gas Industry. These personnel are mostly nationals that have the skill set that matches the task and deliverables required by your project.
You enjoy the advantage of having the personnel available to work on your projects and operations for any duration of your choice. Our preferred time frame is for contracts of 6 months, 9 months, 1 year and 2 years with options of yearly renewal where applicable.

Technology Development

Bullion Offshore Contracting Ltd is a technology company with serious ongoing Research and Development efforts.  We have the technical know-how for development of technologies spanning across Subsea Equipment, Natural Gas Processing and gas monetization, Agro allied industrial process plants and solid mineral processing plants.

Our solutions in technology development starts with clear understanding of technical issues and problems of the client. We have the experience and innovative capability to come up with bespoke design concepts which is further translated into real life solutions with practical and profitable industry application.


Our Research and Technology development solutions is focused on the following:

  1. Shallow water Subsea Production Systems
  2. Subsea tie back solutions
  3. Small scale FLNG Solution
  4. Natural Gas monetization solutions
  5. Biomass CHP in Agro Processing industries