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Ship yard

Shipyards (Ship Repairs): We carry ship repair operations in leased space at Taraba Jetty
Slipway, located in Borokiri, Port Harcourt. We are dedicated to customer support in the areas
of Vessel Inspection, Maintenance and repairs. Vessels that are bigger than Taraba Jetty Slipway
capacity is repaired in our other partner shipyards or on-board. Our vessel repair works include
but not limited to the Following:

  • Vessel hull blasting and painting / Steel plates repairs and Maintenance
  • Engine repairs and overhaul, Propeller and Shaft machining / repairs
  • Outfitting, Piping Spool, Pumps and Valves repairs and Maintenance.
  • Electrical motor repairs and repairs of Hydraulic Pressure systems
  • Repairs of vessel Cranes, Winches, Anchor
  • Upgrade of several features of the vessel to meet class requirements.

Marine Vessel Conversion: Our sales brokerage of used marine vessels offers additional value to
the customer by providing design modification and conversion of vessels for new uses. The
objective of vessel conversion is to generate higher revenue for the vessel owner from the
Vessel and to extend the service life of the vessel.

Boat Building: We design and build crew boats for clients, while our new division for ferry
services is on build and operate a business model