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Seaports and Coastal Engineering

We have the capability to carry out Sea port Construction and concessions, Greenfield ports construction and existing ports upgrade. Seaport upgrades would normally include Survey, design, and Cost estimation. Planning and Scheduling. 

The scope of work for Port expansion may include Quay expansion, port offices and housing facilities, Power generation and fuel gas supply. Port Industrial park development with Roads, Gas and product pipelines network, rail tracks, drainages, stacking areas, helipads, etc.

We also provide tailor-made solutions to our clients in coastal Engineering works including facilities like Petroleum products storage tank terminals, unloading jetties, breakwaters, quay walls, Shoreline protection, Seawall construction, etc.

In solving marine construction challenges, we think differently, embrace technology, collaborate with sophisticated partners and continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible. That is how we sustain our competence ahead of the competition.

A major area of focus we have in coastal engineering is reclamation of swamp lands. We have the track record and capability to reclaim large tracts of swamp locations for any kind of industrial, commercial or residential development.

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