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Real Estate

High Rise Buildings

We have the capability and technical knowhow to execute design and construction of

high rise buildings. High rise building construction has so much to do with tower cranes.
We leverage on our expertise in cranes and in precast construction to deliver top quality
projects in high rise buildings within budget and on schedule.
Some of the High rise building projects which we can develop are:

  • ¬†Hotels
  • Studio Apartments
  • Student Hostels
  • Office complex
  • Mixed commercial and corporate buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Condominiums (Residential apartments)
  • Housing Estates

Warehouses & Industrial Clusters

We have experience and capabilities in construction of Workshop and Warehouse
structures having overhead cranes installed in it. This capability includes development
of industrial clusters with diverse sizes of Workshops, Warehouses, jetty, and other
industrial features.
This solution can develop an industrial cluster of Operational bases belonging to
different companies and give them the advantage of shared infrastructure such as
power, water, security, access road, etc.
Out experience and capability in this area can be seen from past projects featured in
this website.

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Diaspora Home Construction Solution

We have a unique solution for Diaspora and Nonresident clients that want to develop
residential or commercial property in their home state or hometown, but are unable to
be on site physically. How it works is that we break down the entire project into
milestones. We execute each milestone without any mobilization from you. Upon
delivery, we get paid and move to the next milestone, following a quick succession.
To commence, you will fill the attached form, return it together with a 3D or picture
model example of what you want. We will discuss in detail with you and then proceed as
First Milestone:

  • Execute your land survey / Topographic Survey
  • Execute the Soil test
  • Execute Architectural design and 3-D model.

Second Milestone:

  • Execute Structural design and all other designs
  • Execute the Bill of Quantities
  • Execute Project Schedule

Third Milestone:

  • Preliminary site preparations, Land Clearing, Fencing,(or as agreed with client)

All subsequent milestones will vary on a project by project basis. See a sample
schedule of a past project to see how the milestone progression is structured for a
typical housing project, using a Duplex to illustrate.
The objective of this approach is to enable the client verify the quality of job done at any
stage before making payment, to ensure that client is satisfied and is having value for
money before making payment
Download the schedule of a past project here: