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Training School

Training School
Our Technology Training School is the first of its kind in terms of technical capability development and skill level imparted into the trainees that pass through our training program.
Our training school is set up to meet both the manpower needs of Bullion Offshore growth plans as well as the needs of Oil and gas servicing companies that provide services such as Engineering, Construction, Fabrication, Manufacturing, Mechanized Agriculture, Mining, Subsea and Marine Services.
In a mentored learning approach trainees are tutored by the best hands selected from highly experienced personnel with 10 to 25 years of work experience. We employ the services of in-house tutors and External consultants. In-house tutors are experienced BOCL project team members, while External tutors are lead Engineers, specialists and subject matter experts of high repute.

For organizations and Government sponsored trainees, our Training holds the following advantages:
• Training solutions can be tailor made to suit the manpower development needs of your organization. This will increase the individual and team skills of your personnel, optimize your training investment by translating the acquired skills into a more efficient organization and growing the profitability of your company in measurable terms.
• Increase the productivity of work teams and make your management team more productive as a result of increased efficiency of each of your work teams.
• Raise personnel that gains the skill set that matches with your business and growth strategy.
• Raise personnel that can think outside the box and proffer solutions to technical and operational challenges of your organization.

Our training program is delivered in a combination of Classroom and Practical exercises based on real life project cases.
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Technology Development
Bullion Offshore Contracting Ltd is a technology company. We have the technical know-how for development of technologies spanning across Subsea Equipment, Marine vessels, Agro allied industrial process plants and solid mineral processing plants.
Our solutions­ in technology development starts with clear understanding of technical issues and problems that require coming up with bespoke design concepts and ability to transform such designs to real life solutions.
For the Oil and Gas servicing companies and manufacturing industries, we have the capability to carry out component manufacturing of industrial spares and replacement parts for machines and industrial processes.
We can also conceptualize, design and build manufacturing process units, Subsea Equipment and structures, Marine equipment and Hydraulic pressure controls equipment, etc.
Get in touch to discuss any of your mechanical component (replacement parts) manufacturing challenges.