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Development Partnerships

Individual land for Clusters

This function enables in dividual land owners in a neighbourhood to combine their vaccant lands, agree on a price and sell through the app to a group of home cluster buyers that have made a virtual reservation and have the down payment required for the Developer to commence a cluster housing project of their choice.
The future vision of this function is to empower the low income home owners gain access to single digit business credit from non bank lending platforms, leveraging on their low income housing unit upon completion of payment for their housing unit.

Institutions & Organizations

This function which is most suited to educational institutions in the countryside and rural areas enables institutions, business organizations such as trader cooperaties who have land ownership suitable for low cost housing to collaborate with the Developer in construction of shell housing units which their members and other low income earners in theri locality can buy into and enjoy shared benefits of water, power, security, basic estate amenities, etc.

Government PPP

Public Private Partnerships in housing Estate development will be pursued with the Federal, Satea and Local Government areas in the areas of:
– Barrackes housing Scheme with FG
– Industrial Estates & Clusters with LG & SG
– Arid lands reclamation and populations rebab.

Farm Estates

This function empowers local community based cooperatives who can come together and secure acces to a farm lands of 100 ha and above.
They can get access to credits, farm inputs, Shared basic machinery lease purchase, extension services and faster access to markets.

For communities that have upwards of 1,000 ha of arable land, this app links up mechanized farming investors to such community land assets to lease or purhcase such large trackts of land for mechanizea commercial farm investments. We also give solutions for survey, design and construction of Produce storage facilities, Dams and irrigation systems; if the land ownes can guarantee repayment from their produce.