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Membership Benefits

Benefits for NUGET Club Membership

NUGET Club membership will come with many benefits such as:

  • Networking through branch membership in your cell or local chapter at any locations (university, your NYSC local chapter or corporate local chapter).
  • Other networking opportunities during events like Technology & entrepreneurship Talk shows, seminars, courses and conferences Technology & entrepreneurship webinars for Startup business managers, NUGETTS Trainees, NYSC members and students where current information is shared on developments in technology, engineering and science with respect to industries spanning across Oil and gas, Process, Agro allied, Mining and Marine services sectors; through regular mailings of events information, and NUGETTS Startup incubator newsletter.  
  • Bi-annual seminars will help to prepare the minds of the upcoming generation on job skills trainings that can position them for the present day job opportunities as well as entrepreneurship support structures accessible through association by having a history of participation in NUGETTS over a period of time.
  • Publications of Seminar abstracts and proceedings, 
  • Free listings of your skill service in the local chapter directory.
  • Advert of startup business products and services in the chapter directory and N-Startup incubator Newsletter.
  • The opportunity to publicize your startup group products and services in the N-Startup business news.
  • Gain access to mentors with 10 to 30 years of work experience in the industry sectors of Oil and gas, Process, Agro allied, Mining and Marine services sectors who will also speak in events. 
  • Opportunity to showcase group research findings of groups with exceptional functional product prototype developed during their final year projects.
  • Technology excursion trips and tours to visit industries and project sites in the sectors of interest, inclusive of technical and business discussion forums, workshops and specialized seminars all meant to prepare the minds of the younger generation and position them for the real world opportunities and challenges.  
  • Participate in annual awards of excellence at the cell, chapter and national NUGETT Club to celebrate achievement and excellence of exceptional final year projects as well as startup businesses that achieve the growth milestones based on quarterly business turnover. Startup Business milestones is celebrated when the hit their first turnover of #10million, #40 million and #100 million per quarter