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About Us


NUGETTS (Nationals University Graduates Engineering & Technology Training School) is basically set up as an In-company Training school for training the quality of Engineers that the parent company, Bullion Offshore Contracting Limited (BOCL) requires to fuel our manpower needs for our Projects and those of our partners. NUGETTS is run by the Engineering Design department of BOCL.

These short courses are structured to satisfy the In-house manpower development needs of BOCL and sister companies for Construction projects, Process Equipment manufacturing, offshore and Marine Services as well as the manpower needs of the mechanized agro production and processing businesses of our start up incubator companies. These courses combine the theoretical and practical content that meet the competence requirements of our group companies. NUGTTS delivers comprehensive training programs also designed for professionals looking to upscale or transit into a career in any area of Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Marine services and Agro Allied Industries.  In a unique mentored approach, you will be guided by industry experts from the Oil and Gas, Manufacturing and Marine services sector.      Leveraging on the deep project experience of BOCL, our Engineers and the External tutors, we deliver training salutations that will bring entry level professionals up to speed within a short duration.  Working class professionals can take the courses to improve on their competency for upward mobility in their place of work.


About Bullion Offshore

Bullion Offshore Contracting Ltd. (BOCL) is an EPC company and an Original Equipment manufacturers (OEM) representatives in the Oil and Gas, manufacturing, offshore and marine services sectors. BOCL has sister companies in I.T, Finance, Mining, Mechanized Agriculture Production and Processing. The Engineering division of the company carries out the very critical task of Preparing Designs and Cost estimations at various stages of our projects starting from Conceptual stage, Proposals, Design reviews and modifications, Construction, As built design, etc. The work of the Engineering design department of Bullion Offshore is used as a platform for the Trainees and Interns in NUGETTS to pass on practical experience and knowledge during their training.


Our History

Bullion Offshore Contracting Limited was registered in 2013. The company commenced with engineering design and Manpower supply jobs and continued same till 2019 when we became more active in construction projects.

In all our years of existence, we have developed a very robust training program for our young Engineers to prepare them for various projects where they are outsourced for work. 

In 2021, we started re-engineering the in-company training courses into a Training School that serves the training needs of the Oil and gas, Marine, Mining and Manufacturing Industries.

In 2022, this training school has opened up to serve the public with the Brand name of NUGETTS (Nationals University Graduates Engineering Technology Training School).


Our Leadership

Bullion Offshore Contracting Limited and NUGETTS is directly led by Uche Orisi

Uche Orisi left Shell Nigeria by the last quarter of 2021 to work full time in Bullion Offshore from  2022 January. 

With over 20 years of work experience in Oil and Gas, Construction, Subsea and Marine services, the apex of his work experience prior to Bullion offshore was in Shell Nigeria, where he worked as a Principal Subsea Project Engineer.

In shell Nigeria, he held the responsibility of supervising the manufacture of Subsea Equipment at BH and FMC Technologies facility at Onne, for a period of 9 Years.


Our Tutors

Our Tutors is made up of a group highly experienced Professionals with years of experience ranging from 5 years to 30 years of work with various multinational oil and gas servicing companies. We also have some coming from the Academia, Financial Services Mechanized Agriculture and Mining sectors of the economy.

We have worked closely with the tutors to produce world class training materials having a curriculum that is based on the latest technologies that is applicable in the field of study and practice. 

These tutors are all still in active employment at top positions in their various organizations from where they draw deep knowledge, experience and problem solving skills which they in turn, pass on the trainees. Their educational qualifications vary form first degree to Masters and Doctorate degrees in their various disciplines.  The detailed CV of each tutor is included in the syllabus of each of the courses.